How To Bring Colour In Your Living Room

March 11, 2016 9:42 am Published by Leave your thoughts

You think that your living room is too classic or plain and need an injection of colour? Don’t worry; we have the solutions for you.

Knowing how to use the perfect colour and dosage to use can be difficult and often daunting. Too much colour can be fatal, but just enough may be just perfect to create the change in your living space. The following examples could help you to give a little fresh air to your living room.

Here are different ways to introduce colour into your space. First of all choose to add colours by using with textiles, patterns and textures. Curtains, cushions, throw, carpet… all the textiles in your living space can add colour in to your living space and create a vibrant and cosy atmosphere. The only rule is to find textiles that your personality along with your interior.

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The other solution is to add the colour directly on the floor. A statement floor can bring the subtly of colour into your living room. You can choose to have one with particular design and draw from it. It will be better than just a simple coloured floor.

One of the colours that can illuminate your living room is the yellow, in small accents, of course. The colour yellow brings in the brightness of the sun into your home. It also works perfectly perfectly with other colours like white, grey, blues…etc.

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The last option is to bring colour by using paintings, sculpture or with colourful chairs.

The only rule to absolutely follow is to be sure that everything balances to create harmony.

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