About Us


Togolese-born French Mablé AGBODAN is a fashion guru with a passion with art and design.  In Paris, she worked for The Musée d’Orsay located on the left bank of the Seine, and in stature the second most important national French museum after Le Louvre.

Once in London, she had the privilege to be part of a passionate company that designs and makes the finest bed linen for private labels to clients such as And So To Bed, Harrods and Selfridges.

Mille Couleurs Africa was establised years after setting up an interior architecture company in London (England) called Mille Couleurs London.  The idea was  to bring back the knowledge and experience accumulated to the motherland and most importantly to share her passion.

Mille Couleurs is proud to be a luxury bespoke design company that produces beautiful handcrafted, original pieces with an emphasis on craftsmanship, from private commissions of individual pieces to full collections and a complete interior design service. The company creates spectacular accessories, breath-taking interior design, as well as stylish throws and sleek contemporary furniture.

Behind its success you will discover culturally rich heritage and truly  talented individuals who have worked for many years in the luxury industry, and have a central vision to break the mould in the field of design.

The best services are always provided to the satisfaction of a rigorous clientele by the integrity of the design, the quality and the attention to detail.